BUSZESZ Foods Rt., is the oldest company in Budapest specializing in fermentation products.
Its history dates back to the second half of the 19th century, and started at three locations:

In 1853 , Ferenc Schödel started to produce spirits and alcohol in Örömvölgy street (today Diószeghy Sámuel street). Yeast production was added a few years later.

In 1853, Mihály Gschwindt started to produce spirits, alcohol and yeast at the location of today's Corvin Movie, a famous place in Hungarian history. Spirits, alcohol and yeast production was moved to Budafok, to the South Western part of the city between 1908-1910, while liquor production was moved to District IX (South East).

In 1867 , Vilmos Leipziger started producing spirits and alcohol by the bank of the Danube, in the Óbuda part of the city (North West). The factory that operated under the name of Szeszégető és Finomító Részvénytársulat (National Spirits Distillation and Refining Plc.) soon added sugar production to its portfolio. Vinegar production followed in 1898. It was the largest company of its kind in Hungary at that time. This is the current location of the headquarters and production facility of the Company.

In 1946 Hungarian fermentation industry was nationalized and merged.

The company became one of the member companies of Szeszipari Vállalatok Trösztje (Trust of Hungarian Spirits and Alcohol Enterprises) in 1971, under the name of Budapesti Szeszipari Vállalat (Budapest Spirits and Alcohol Enterprise). Soft drinks production was also added at this time. .

In 1992 BUSZESZ was transformed into a joint stock company, with Mautner Markhof Group as its majority owner .

Óbudai Gyémánt (Diamond of Óbuda), our own natural mineral water produced from our 500 meter deep well located on our site has been bottled since 1995.

At present, our core activity is vinegar production and bottling under the brand name of chef, and the bottling of our mineral water under the brand name of Óbudai Gyémánt.
Besides, our company produces carbonated soft drinks (Queen), accepts orders for bottling and holds the exclusive rights for marketing certain branded product of international renown (Tabasco paprika sauce).
BUSZESZ Rt., has been an ISO 9001 certified company since 1999.

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